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Becoming a Patient

The best way to find a physician is via the Ministry of Health’s centralised "Health Care Connect" service.

To register with Health Care Connect you must:

How to register with Health Care Connect:

Step 1: To sign up for the program, you will be asked to fill out a health information form.  This will help to determine your level of need for a family health care provider.

There are two ways you can complete the form:

Step 2: You request will be assigned to a nurse in your community called a Care Connector

Step 3: Your Care Connector will review your request and try to find you the right family health care provider in your community who is accepting new patients.

Local Care Connector and you

After you’ve registered with Health Care Connect, a nurse - called a Care Connector - will be assigned to help you find a health care provider in your area. Your Care Connector will be your main point of contact with the program. Your will receive contact information for your Care Connector by mail after you have registered for the program.

Your Role and Responsibilities

Health Care Connect assists you with your search for a family health care provider. You must have a valid OHIP card to be part of the program.

Health Care Connect is here to help, but it doesn’t guarantee that a family health care provider will be found. You are urged to keep searching on your own for a provider. Be sure to contact your Care Connector if you move, find a doctor or if there are changes in your health needs.

You will be referred to a family physician or a nurse practitioner in your community, once one is found. You are then responsible for calling to book an appointment.