Tue 26 Jan 2021
Upper Canada FHT Contacts & Addresses

Central Office

5 Home Street
Brockville, ON, K6V 0A5

Phone: 613-423-3333
Fax: 613-423-3334
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Sherri Fournier-Hudson, Executive Director

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Overview of Family Health Team Locations

Overview of all locations
Stone's Mill Family Health Centre
25 Mill Street, Gananoque, ON
St. Lawrence District Medical
1012 A Prince Street, Lansdowne
Seeley's Bay Family Medicine Clinic
106 Drynan Way, Seeley's Bay
UCFHT - Brockville
4, 5 Home Street, Brockville
California Ave
333 California Ave, Unit 12, Brockville, ON
UCFHT - Gananoque
Suite 101, 25 Mill Street, Gananoque
After Hours Clinic
5 Home Street, Suite 4, Brockville
Ormond St
135 Ormond Street, Brockville
Brockville Family Medical Centre
309 Park Street, Brockville
Cornerstone Family Medical Centre
100 Strowger Blvd., Brockville
Central Ave
17 Central Avenue, Brockville
Home Street Family Practice
5 Home Street, Brockville
Chelsea Court Health Centre
779 Chelsea Court, Brockville
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Phone: 1-613-382-3974
Fax: 1-613-382-4417
Dr. B. Hart
Dr. A Maitland
Dr. V. Malevich
Dr. J. Taylor
Dr. A. Therrien
Colleen White RN (EC)
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Phone: 613-659-2525
Fax: 613-659-2278
Dr. K. Comeau
Dr. J. Erb
Phoebe Collard RN(EC)
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Phone: 613-387-3120
Fax: 613-387-2842
Dr. D. Briggs
Dr. L. Koziar
Dr. E. O`Connor
Debra Morin RN (EC)
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Phone: 613-423-3333
Fax: 613-423-3334
Maria Dalby RN(EC)
Amy Doiron RN(EC)
Mary Hungerford, RN(EC)
Jane Merrifield RN(EC)
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Phone: 613-345-1458
Fax: 613-345-5296
Dr. G. Ashe
Dr. A. Holla
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Phone: 613-382-8118
Fax: 613-382-8939

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Phone: 613-342-0714
Fax: 613-342-8065
Dr. A.F. Jaworski
Dr. M. Steyn
Dr. M. Tyler
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Phone: 613-345-0918
Fax: 613-345-0865
Dr. D. Dufour
Dr. M. Ruparelia
Dr. A. Steacie
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Phone: 613-498-0444
Fax: 613-498-4850
Dr. A. Au
Dr. L. Lo
Dr. C. Ng
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Dr. N. Premji
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Phone: 613-423-1111
Fax: 613-423-1112
Dr. D. Beattie
Dr. A. Everett
Dr. R. Irvine
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Phone: 613-342-1199
Fax: 613-342-2900
Dr. D. Pajot
Dr. B. Van Jaarsveld
Pam Musgrave RN(EC)